Why my customers love my job and things I suggest them

I am as an architect. Part of my job is to listen to my clients. Actually, this is highly relevant part. During these conversations I usually hear what they want their renovated apartment to be like, what they absolutely don’t want, which things are they afraid of etc.. What I have noticed during these discussions is that there are a few things which are common for plenty of my customers. Lots of them wanna have very modern flats, that would look a bit different than flats of all their people. Simultaneously, they are really scared to be creative. At first I was pretty angry about this and was doing my best to fight with that kind of attitude. After a while, I did find a solution I can offer for such customers. My solution is… wallpapers. They enable to go creative, but still look elegant. I would like to show you some concrete examples of that.

One of my customer was a manager of a popular bank. He wanted his home to be extremely elegant and impressive. I believe he wanted his friends to be jealous about how great apartment he has. It is was also very crucial for him that his guests know that he has this amazing taste – http://demural.co.uk/photo-wallpapers/world-maps. He wanted to keep everything very elegant and simple. Firstly, he wasn’t even interested to hear about wallpapers.

Demur and wallpaper

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However, I managed to convinced him that this may be highly good option for him. Because of this, he may show to his guests not just his elegant side, but also this more creative one. We decided to use stadium wallpaper in his living room. Nowadays, he seems to be extremely happy with his choice.At the same time I was also designing flat of successful business woman. As we really liked each other, during our meetings we were also talking about our dreams, past etc.. She admitted that she loved travelling when she was younger and that she actually has travelled over 30 countries.

At this moment, she can’t do it anymore because she is too busy with duties. However she hopes that she would be able to do it when she is retired. In consequence, I suggested that we find map mural in her bathroom. Because of this, she could wake up every day, seeing the world and all of those amazing countries that are waiting for her and which she will visit in the future.